Who are we and what are we doing?


My name is Sergey Borisenko. I am a co-founder and CEO of “Setka” (Net).

I am going run this blog to synch you on the progress of our service, our plans and, of course, to answer your questions.

Briefly about us

We are a bunch of people keen on various sports and eager to travel. We love literature and gastronomy similarly to dozens of millions of people in different countries around the globe.

We strive to make our lives fulfilling and exciting as well as the lives of our loved ones and friends, partners and employees, acquaintances and strangers.

Why we do this

We aim at simplifying the process of searching and booking sports facilities, finding partners, coaches, sports doctors and competitions. We are working on the service that will make this process as comfortable, safe, enjoyable and entertaining as possible !

The beneficiaries of our service

We are developing the service for those who are far from being couch potatoes.

Our service is for everyone eager to move forward.

We aim at people who are thirsty for life and ready to achieve the inconceivable heights of the human spirit.

We do this for everyone who perceives life as a field for outstanding achievements.

Our first steps

We will start by involving Moscow tennis clubs and tennis coaches are the first members of the Setka.

At the next stage we will enroll other sports, public and commercial facilities, cities and towns in Russia, and potentially other regions frequently visited by the Russians.

We will add features for organizing large-scale competitions and small local races, finding doctors and manufacturers of ecological, healthy food and sports brands.

We will provide personalized analytics to all of our users, coaches, doctors, sports facilities and sports organizers, and use AI as our main tool.

We will launch projects to promote a conscious and healthy lifestyle.

The goal of our virtual assistant Setka is to help people with similar outlooks on life meet in the real world.

In our business we will be guided by the quote from Sir Winston Churchill, as we share the basic principles from his famous speech:

“In War: Resolution,
In Victory: Magnanimity
In Defeat: Defiance.
In Peace: Good Will”.

We'll be in touch
Sincerly, Sergey Borisenko